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Allu Aravind to become a savior for Top Heroes!

by Cinema

Allu Aravind to become a savior for Top Heroes: Coronavirus has a profound impact on the film industry. All the movie releases over the last 40 days have been postponed due to a nationwide lockdown. Corona lockdown has resulted in the shutdown of theaters. At present, the situation is unlikely to open theaters for another month. People are also well accustomed to OTTs due to lockdown. There are about 1600 theaters in the two-Telugu states. Multiplexes lay up to 800. Opinions are expressed that people may be afraid to watch movies even after full-scale theaters have opened.

In this backdrop, the top producer of Tollywood, Allu Aravind is planning to make a mini web series with a crew of 20. He asked permission of the Telangana government to start this mini web series. As there is no chance for big-budgeted films in the near future, he is planning for this and he is trying to save top heroes with his web series. It seems the government officials are looking forward to this request and they are going to give a green signal as it will help them as a trial test.

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