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What’s the battle between Nayanatara’s mom and Vignesh Shivan 

by WGDSWpkjnH

What’s the battle between Nayanathara’s mom and Vignesh Shivan : Star couple Vignesh Shivan and Nayanthara have been ruling the trends list after the director posted a mushy note for the actress on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Vignesh Shivan has virtually announced that he and his long time girlfriend Nayanthara are serious about each other and will become one family soon.

He called Nayanathara as the “mother of his future children” and no sooner, the internet went into a meltdown. In a series of Instagram posts, Vignesh Shivan first wished his mom on Mother’s Day, the next message was dedicated to Nayanthara’s mom and the final was one for the actress. Vicky had also posted a message to future mother in law “Happy Mother’s Day to you Mrs. Kurian…you’ve done a good job bringing up such a beautiful child… We love you sooo much amma….thank u ammuuuu” One of the Instagram users asked the filmmaker to go and wish his mother first. Vignesh shuts down the cruel troll who made an indecent comment on his latest Instagram post. Vignesh sarcastically replied to the hate comment, “I wished bro..happy mother’s day to you too…she has given birth to such a nice kind-hearted person like you…God Bless her’.

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