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‘Ismart’ girl’s career in Dilemma!

by WGDSWpkjnH

‘Ismart’ girl’s career in Dilemma! : Nabha Natesh was introduced to the Telugu audience with the film ‘Nannu Dochukkunduwatte’. She received good marks as an actress with the first film. She got a super hit with this film. There is no doubt that Nabha Natesh’s performance in Ismart Shankar played a key role in cinema success. She has received consecutive offers after the film Ismart Shankar. 

She is terrifying the producers with her gratuity who come to her with offers. She lost some offers because of this drawback. The Film ‘Discoraja’ which she made after the film ‘Ismart Shankar’ was disappointing. Also, because of her attitude, directors and producers are keeping her aside. Currently, she is starring in the film ‘Solo Brathuke So better’. Some people are warning her that if she pursues the same attitude, she is likely to fade out of the film industry. As of now, she has only 2 films. If she wants to be in the industry, she has to change her perception. Otherwise, her career will be in a dilemma. The social media-savvy actress is quite active on her social media handle and was recently seen giving hair care tips to her fans and followers.

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