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Things you don’t know about Drishyam movie!

by Cinema

Things you don’t know about Drishyam movie: With the diverse nation like India, many cultures and religions are related and so is the way to show this diversity. One such method of showing this is the film industry. The audience keeps on waiting for the blockbusters and in this context, filmmakers work hard to keep up to the expectations of the public. When a film is hit in the industry, it has a remake in many other languages. Original Drishyam starred Mohanlal in the lead roles. Drishyam was then remade five times, as Drushyam in Telugu, as Drishya in Kannada, as Papanasam in Tamil, as Drishyam in Hindi, and as Dharamyudhya in Sinhalese. Starring Venkatesh and Meena who have paired together again after sixteen years. The Malayalam version was a phenomenal success.

The scenes where Venkatesh prepares the kids to face upcoming challenges and how they behave when the police questions them have come out very well, and are easily the best scenes in the film. The film’s second half is very interesting and exciting. How Venkatesh gets ideas from the films he watches is also shown well. Technically, the film is good and has captured in some good locations near Araku and Vizianagaram.

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